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Solve Puzzle and Collect Smart Points = Fun!

Smart Block Puzzle is very addictive fun game that will help you focus and improve brain’s activity.

Enjoy over 24,000 FREE mind-bending levels which will keep increasing overtime!.

Smart Block Puzzle is the “Tangram” inspired puzzle game.

To play Smart Block Puzzle, simply fill all blocks in the area. See the Video for Example.
★★★★ promotion ★★★★
Exclusively for first 10,000 install only!
Free additional 40 Hints !!

– More than unique 24,000 puzzles and keep increasing!! Waiting for you to solve
– Colorful!, More than 65,000 shade of color blocks contains
– Ranking system, Competition with your friends or world wide
– Five difficulty levels
– Achievements await for you to unlock
– Free Hints first 20 puzzles for each level
– In-time Hint

Smart Block Puzzle – Love at first solve.



Block Box Puzzle

Play “Block Box Puzzle” by tilt and rotate your Android device.

Enjoy the feeling of realistic moving objects in the game.



“Block Box Puzzle” intregated with Android’s accelerometer to let you have more fun while solving puzzles.


– Android’s accelerometer intregated.
– Hardware Accelation via OpenGL.
– Screen Capture
– Share via social network or email ( facebook, gmail, twitter, etc )

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Peace Sudoku Solver & Generator

“Peace Sudoku Solver & Generator” is a “Must Have” tool for Sudoku’s lover.
With the “Sudoku Master Engine” you can solve all Sudoku no matter how hard of them.
You can also analyse to check if your Sudoku is valid or not or use the analyzer to rank your Sudoku.
Enjoy endless Sudoku generated from “Peace Sudoku Solver & Generator” you can generate more than 1,000,000,000 (one billion) of Sudokus. Every time you generate them you create a new unique Sudoku.

“Peace Sudoku Solver & Generator” is design for ease of use you can input sudoku notation in text mode to input faster or use “grid view” to input easier.
You can also share your Sudoku problems with your friend via social network or email.

“Peace Sudoku Solver & Generator” is light weight software. It will use resources from your Android device efficently.

– Sodoku Solver
– Sodoku Analyzer
– Text mode input
– Grid view input
– More than 1,000,000,000 (one billion) problems can generate by Sudoku Generator
How to use:
1. Install “Peace Sudoku Solver & Generator” via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peacedeveloper.PeaceSudokuSolverGenerator
2. Type Sudoku notation in input box
3. also can push “Grid View” to input Sudoku in Grid View mode
4. Open menu button then push “Share” to share sudoku with your friend
5. push “Analysis” to analyse the Sudoku
6. push “Solve” to give you and full answer
7. push “Generate New Sudoku” to generate new Unique Sudoku